Made of Fail

by Fresh Plastics

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released March 25, 2010



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Fresh Plastics Finland

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Track Name: Burned Minds (Wasted Lives)
Running around without direction.
Working hard to get your payment.
Stressing out, with your studies.
This world's about the money.

Everyday is work work work.
When you're gonna get your dessert?
Die rich - die young,
it's fucked up it's no no fun.
Die wealthy - die alone,
it's no use when you're all cold.

Education and a big fat check.
How far, can you get?
Burning out your fuze and mind.
Specimen of another kind.
Track Name: Forbidden Fun
They tell us what to say.
They try to keep us safe.
Denying the art,
coming from our hearts.

Reality is worse,
we have no remorse.
Random acts of violence.
Should we live in silence?

Trying to protect the minors,
Messed up unstable ones.
They are the ones,
Who tell how things are done.

Restrictions - Brainwashing our minds,
not to cross the lines.
Fiction - The dark side of men,
escape for a moment.

Just Fiction.
Track Name: Insects
Small insects swarming in your head.
They're eating all the flesh from your bones.
Little maggots digging deeper in.
The smell of death - in your breath.

Poisoning your day dreams,
harder to breath.
Learned moral codes,
from the outside world.

You can't confess to anyone else.
One truth and many lies.
Forgiveness is not for sale.
Forgiveness is not for sale.
Track Name: Snakeway
I can handle myself,
I know my limitations.
I can take it,
no need to worry dear.
I can solve my own problems,
I don't even have one.
I don't need your help,
help someone who needs it.

My body can take no more,
but I can't help it anymore.
Losing the grip, losing the fight,
please tell me it'll be allright.
Darkened days in the shadows,
I don't want you to follow.
Too many fears, too many tears,
I'm left alone with my fears.

Denial, my only friend.
The only way,
is a bottle, 'till the end.
Drowning my demons, once again
Drowning myself, I'm drowning again.

The road is a snakeway,
hard to follow.
Liquid dream,
I'm eagar to swallow.
Track Name: Safe Choises
In this modern world today,
you allways have a choise to make.
In this northern civilization,
you're free to live your life.

I just wanna live my life free.
With this nationallity.
Nation haunted by past wars.
Is it fear, that holds us on?

Imprisonment for you opinions,
you're locked up for good.
Protect the lines, drawn by men,
freedom on choise, chosen by them.